What is the Christmas Campaign?

The Christmas Campaign is a solidarity initiative developed by Solsef annually, since 2012, at Christmas time.

In general, the Christmas Campaign is a fundraising initiative that aims to raise funds to support an annual development project in education or health in communities with a low Human Development Index (HDI) across borders.

Specifically, the Christmas Campaign is intended to be both an opportunity to educate in values (in line with our axis of action of Education for Citizenship), through the collective exercise of solidarity in favor of the education and health of impoverished children and youth, and a fundraising channel to achieve the realization of social actions that require an investment of resources.

Every year, Youth without Borders are the main ambassadors of our Christmas Campaigns. Together with their parishes, they help spread the word about our mission of solidarity with the world and encourage the sale of products and the collection of donations to raise funds for the project supported in the corresponding year. Together with Youth without Borders, we work on ethical values such as teamwork, mutual support, the achievement of goals, and attention to the needs of those most in need

We also count on a vast network of institutions and individuals who contribute every year, with their charitable purchases and donations, to the success of the Christmas Campaign.

The Christmas Campaign would not be possible without the contribution of hundreds of volunteers who give their time and enthusiasm to the service of our solidary causes.

How it works?

In this action, any natural or legal person can purchase our products through our solidarity store or make a spontaneous donation through our institutional website. The profits from the products sold and the donations received will revert to our International Cooperation projects.

In the 2022 Christmas Campaign, with the slogan “Gestures that change the world”, the project supported with the sale of products and the donations acquired is Qualificação Pedagógica (an educational project aimed at supporting a high school in Empada, Guinea-Bissau, by reinforcing school infrastructures, equipping classrooms, and training teachers).

In addition to purchases made through our solidarity store or donations made through our institutional site, you can promote the presence of our stand of solidarity products or fundraising at your institution or reference group (school, university, company, parish, catechism group, etc.)


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