Principles and Statutes

The Statutes are a set of legal rules, inspired by principles, whose common characteristic is to establish rules of organization and operation in our institution.

Internal Regulation

The Internal Regulation is a written document which governs the rights and duties of the members of our Institution.

Activity Plans and Budgets

The Activity Plans and Budgets are an integral part of the planning process and constitute a fundamental document that defines, for a certain period, our objectives, the strategy and methodology to be followed, as well as the means and resources to allocate in order to achieve our objectives.

Activity and Account Reports

The Annual Accounts and Activities Report breaks down the objectives achieved, the degree of achievement of programs and the resources used.

Strategic Documents

Sol sem Fronteiras has defined 6 Strategic Documents that reflect the institutional positioning of the NGDO on transversal issues that affect citizenship. Namely gender equality, social inclusion, environment, volunteering, ethics in communication and institutional conduct of the Association itself.

The writing of these documents had the collaboration of 10 volunteers from the organization, under the scope of the project “Citizenship in Youth Associations”, framed within the youth volunteering program Generation Z, which had the funding of the IPDJ, I.P. under the “Agora Nós Program”.

1. Institutional Code of Conduct

The document “Institutional Code of Conduct” presents as a general objective to define a normative reference which establishes the fundamental principles necessary for the implementation of an institutional culture based on ethical values which, in turn, are founded on Human Rights and the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church.

2. Institutional Strategy for Environmental Conservation

The document “Institutional Strategy for Environmental Conservation”, defines the strategies and commitments that Solsef, as an institution, is adopting to be more sustainable.

3. Institutional Communication Plan

The document “Institutional Communication Plan” will define the direction of the NGDO’s communication.

4. Institutional Plan for Volunteer Management

Managing voluntary work efficiently and fulfilling the expectations of those who generously give their time is one of the biggest challenges facing third sector organizations. The “Institutional Plan for Volunteer Management” defines Sol sem Fronteiras strategy in this area.

5. Institutional Plan for Social Inclusion

Since its foundation, Solsef has been committed to promoting Diversity and Inclusion. From now on, with the publication of the “Institutional Plan for Social Inclusion”, this commitment counts with one more tool to make each of our areas of action more equitable and diverse.

6. Institutional Plan for Gender Equality

Equality between women and men is a matter of human rights and social justice, so at Sol sem Fronteiras we wanted to work on the drafting of the Institutional Plan for Gender Equality.